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What is
Nexgen Dapp

Best part of this Dapp, whenever someone will buy, sell and transfer NEXG tokens, same time transaction amount will be distributed among all the NEXG holders as per their holdings.

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Distributed Ledger Technologies

DAPP have been mostly popularized by distributed ledger technologies, namely the Ethereum Blockchain, where DAPP are often referred to as smart contracts.




Good Design

How Dapp
is Work

Nexgen Dapp stands for Decentralized application which runs on a distributed computing system. Nexgen is working on Ethereum Distributed Ledger Technology powered by smart contract with advance coding and carefully deployed on Ethereum blockchain.

There is no single token in Nexgen reserve by any developer for them and not even a tiny Ethereum can go extra in any developers account. It's the reason Nexgen DAPP is 100% Decentralized developed by the developers for the universe.


Every thing you need to know about Nexgen

Security Assured

Nexgen is fully transparent. All movements on the securities account will be trackable.

Open Source

Nexgen Smart contract is verified on the Ethereum blockchain and is fully transparent and open source.


Nexgen has no owner or Administrator making it the first smart contract of its kind to be decentralized in this fully autonomous way.

Smart Web3

Smart Web3 Infura gives you the power to excess any Dapp direct with your wallet like Metamask, Trust Wallet and Ledger etc.

Dapp Exchange

Nexgen Exchange is a unique fast Decentralized Exchange for convert Ethereum to NEXG and NEXG to Ethereum. Best part of this exchange, whenever someone will buy/sell and transfer NEXG tokens, same time transaction fee will distributed among all the NEXG holders as per their holdings. You can check all its transactions on Etherscan.

Good Design

Nexgen Token Details

If you cannot see NEXG in your wallet, Kindly click on add custom token





Token Name
Token Symbol

Verified by Ethereum Developers


Setup Metamask in Chrome, Firefox and Opera Once the Ethereum has been successfully purchased on the primary exchange, you'll need to install metamask to interact with the exchange:

1. In a new tab, make sure you are using the Chrome browser and then install metamask which enables you to use Ethereum web apps such as NEXG.

2. Create your metamask account and then store your 12 seed words.

3.. Open up the metamask extension and click the "..." and select "Copy address to clipboard".

4. Go back to Coinbase or Binance exchange and find the "Send" or "Transfer" function for your wallet.

5. Transfer the amount of Ethereum you want to spend to metamask by entering in your address as copied from metamask in step 3.

6. Wait for the Ethereum to land in your Metamask wallet balance.


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Mobile APP

Install TrustWallet on iOS or on Android and enter your same seed words from Metamask to have full access to your metamask account via our mobile interface! You can send, receive and buy NEX with ease.

Nexgen on Mobile

You can also setup Nexgen exchange from your mobile phone too! If you want to import your existing Metamask wallet to TrustWallet, then follow these steps: Install TrustWallet on iOS or on Android Launch the TrustWallet app and select "Already Have a Wallet."

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